Monday's Run

I know from the updates I got that last night was a bit of a wash out.  No consolation to know .that it wasn't all sunshine here either.  However I did get out this am and here is what I got up to ...


The village of Strathtay, Perthshire has a population...

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GBG Magazine December

Turkey Trot


So that was the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness!  Now we've the Christmas and New Year festivities to look forward to with back to back parties from now through to early January, an expanding waist line the result of too many mince pies...

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GBG Magazine November

Improve and stay healthy


Are runners simply the worst at looking after themselves or do all fitness folk behave the same way?  Donning kit to complete the compulsory lunchtime run because that's what we do.  No thought to goal setting or starting with a...

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Running with a goal in mind

 We've started a little group running on a Monday evening  at 5.30pm.  


Currently we run for approx 30min variety of standards, variety of goals.


The running we do together will be planned and thought through, the progress...

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GBG Magazine October

We know this already but the very serious Office for National Statistics has recently reaffirmed that we are living longer with our average life expectancy now more than 78 for men and 82 for women!  Personally as I head resolutely in that age direction I'll take every additional...

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