From bonnie Scotland.

From bonnie Scotland.

Good morning troops


And how is every little thing in paradise island?


Got up and out for my run at 7.15 this am ... colder and less pleasant but pleased to get another run under the belt.


Started with body looseners in the hall before setting off and worked on focuses  while out.  Two days ago I headed West along the North bank of the Tay.  This am I headed East.  That's about the limit of the options!  Bigger longer hill that gives a steady half mile climb on the way out and a relaxed and easy return to the bottom on the way back.  So lots to work on with arm swing attacking the way up relaxing on the way down.


With long hills I have to remember not to let the head drop, keeping good posture assisted by focusing on a target along the road ... my y-chi.  This has always worked really well for me, helping pull me along.


The start of the run is down hill ... meaning that the finish is uphill!!  I work hard remembering to maintain good posture and good breathing with positive exhale and I finish well .... 8.05k (that's 5ml in old money) in 51min.  For me that's race pace.  I've worked hard and I'm pleased with that.


Then the old routine for the end of a run ...

electrolyte drink of 1/2 pt water, 1/2 squeezed lemon, pinch of rock salt

stretches routine

1pt protein/carbohydrate drink


breakfast ... a bowl of fruit followed by porridge, cocoanut milk and honey followed by a couple of fillets of smoked mackerel (yum yum) and all this as we overlook the snow covered lawn ... and wouldn't you know it, right on cue, the red squirrels come out for a display!!


A good start to the day.


And what's ahead?  Sally's got the Christmas parcels wrapped and ready to go.  We've written the Christmas cards and we'll post the UK ones while we are here.  So we're off to the Post Office for the stamps and the local shop for the paper.  After that we head to the coffee shop!


It's a tough life but someone's got to do it.