Monday's Run

Monday's Run

I know from the updates I got that last night was a bit of a wash out.  No consolation to know .that it wasn't all sunshine here either.  However I did get out this am and here is what I got up to ...


The village of Strathtay, Perthshire has a population that might be numbered in the hundreds ... on a busy day in the summer.  Sally and I have a house here ... ... We are perhaps 80/90 miles North of Edinburgh so it really is the start of the Highlands.

This am woke around 7am.  Snug and warm thought I really need to lead by example.  Got up and changed while still enthusiastic.  It's cold. Minus 5degrees.  Fresh snow has fallen, its still dark, the sky is clear and there's a big moon shining. I've 4 top layers, a hat and socks for gloves and I set off ... not Gary's pace but still good enough. I don't bother with body looseners ... too cold for hanging about ... but I start slow.  It is silent and still and quite beautiful!  I disturb some roe deer along the way and waken the pheasants that nightly roost in the trees and there is mist rising off the river.  My running app isn't behaving recording only my time so I don't know how far I go out but eventually I turn and head back.  I'm passed by the odd car, the cottage fires are being lit and the lazy smoke drifts to the sky.  It's just me and a beautiful run blowing away the cobwebs.  I attack the hills, coast and recover on the down hill and I turn up the pace over the last mile.  When I get in I check the clock ... 49mins.

In, shoes and a couple of layers off, home made electrolyte drink down my neck and then through the stretches routine.

On our way to a meeting later in the morning we drive down the road I ran earlier ... its just short of 5miles.  I'm happy with that. I just wonder why it isn't always that easy!

Next run scheduled for Thursday morn.  I'll report in and let you know how I get on.

Remember tho that I'll not be back for the run next Monday evening.

Mel, Rose and Gary at Northern Trust are in charge ... for which sincere thanks.

Meeting at Northern Trust offices at 5.30 with the view to get running ASAP after that.


As aye