Parkinson's and Walking to a Rhythmic Beat

Parkinson's and Walking to a Rhythmic Beat

There was a tiny article in the Daily Telegraph of 26th Sept entitled "Parkinson's hope". Couldn't find a link but here's the text verbatum ...

"Walking to a rhythmic beat could help treat Parkinson's disease, a study shows. Patients with the condition can suffer from tremors and difficulty walking. The study by the University of Pittsburgh found that healthy people who walked to audible cues from a metronome were better able to stay upright and walk "normally", reports PLoS One. Prof Ervin Sejdic said he believed this could have implications for Parkinson's patients."

With my Chi Running clients I use metronomes all the time. Hadn't thought to use it with Chi Waking client who has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's!!  So I introduced client to metronome and left them to it. 

Here is the follow up email recently received ... you'll just love this

Many thanks for the 'walker's metronome. I found it to be a quite remarkable aid to overcoming the embarrassing irregularity of my stride, and in no time at all I was walking with a confidence and rythm that I hadn't experienced since I was diagnosed as having 'Parkinson's'. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend its use to anyone with this same medical problem. Truly, I can't thank you enough for giving my morale such a boost.    Colin

Subsequent to all that excitement and again he was enthusing about his renewed confidence when walking to the beat of the metronome and then added ..."particularly when added to the Y-Chi you taught me".  I love this man!! Colin went on to explain that the metronome regulates his cadence and the Y-Chi ensures he keeps his head up and gives him a target/a focus!!

How good is that?