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GBG Magazine March

Run like a child and save your knees


It's common knowledge amongst runners that 65% of all runners will get injured in any given year with at least half of them out for a minimum of a fortnight!  So this month we're going to have a look at moving away from...

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GBG Magazine February


Running for Your Life!

All you need to know in 9 short paragraphs.

There are magazines and books, personal trainers and team coaches, training runs and gym sessions all full of good information and advice on the "How to" in whichever sport you might be...

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GBG Magazine December

Turkey Trot


So that was the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness!  Now we've the Christmas and New Year festivities to look forward to with back to back parties from now through to early January, an expanding waist line the result of too many mince pies...

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GBG Magazine November

Improve and stay healthy


Are runners simply the worst at looking after themselves or do all fitness folk behave the same way?  Donning kit to complete the compulsory lunchtime run because that's what we do.  No thought to goal setting or starting with a...

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