GBG Magazine December

GBG Magazine December

Turkey Trot


So that was the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness!  Now we've the Christmas and New Year festivities to look forward to with back to back parties from now through to early January, an expanding waist line the result of too many mince pies and resolutions made but rarely kept.

Though I might have strident views on Christmas … lunch with the extended family, excessive garden decorations and resultant light pollution and shops giving us piped Christmas music before Halloween … it is neither the time nor place to go through them here!

But knowing we've five or six weeks of excess ahead how best do we cope? 

Without drastically cutting back on enjoying the festivities now is a great time to start with a new regime.  Here are a few simple tips to stay active and happy throughout the busy holiday season.

  • Find yourself a fun run and get signed up … the Santa Fun Run in aid of Aid Reaching Children would be a good start and good fun.
  • Make a commitment to yourself to get out walking/running 3 days a week.
  • "Buddy up" with friends or family giving each other moral support.
  • Think about whether you want to walk, walk/run or run the event and train accordingly.
  • Start with whatever distance you can comfortably handle and add 10 minutes per week to each workout until the event.
  • Practice your ChiWalking and/or ChiRunning technique to stay injury-free:
    • Good posture increases your lung capacity, makes deep breathing easier, and lightens your step.
    • Your lower abdominal muscles are your support system during movement. Focusing here will strengthen these muscles and keep you emotionally centered.
    • Practice relaxing during your walks or runs, especially your arms and legs. Use your workouts as a time to stop thinking about all you have to do and start feeling your own body and being.
    • A treadmill is a great but … enjoy the outdoors and fresh air as much as possible.  Fresh air and open skies will lift your spirits and give you energy.
    • Think of moving forward with your upper body, your forehead and shoulders making a triangle with which you push the air in front of you. This will make walking or running easier than pulling yourself forward with your legs.
  • Don't use increased exercise as an excuse to eat more.

If you've run out of time to train for this year's organised event, Fun Run or Turkey Trot try to make time to get outside for some aerobic exercise, however light.  The physical exercise will do you good. 

Running or walking take a break from the hubbub of the party and away from friends and family.  Find a quiet time for yourself and you will be much more likely stay in tune with your body's needs reducing stress and eating wisely.

So this Christmas holiday season make a commitment to find time for you.  Get onto the bike or into the running kit or walking boots and get out and rather than gaining unnecessary pounds you'll gain peace of mind instead.

Merry Christmas

Stuart Hardie