Kind words from good folk ...

Firstly thank you for the workshop, I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot about my running style so lots to practice on!

I actually managed to get out for a 3 mile run on Sunday and the difference was phenomenal! Normally I struggle with the breathing element but I wasn't out of breath at all and had a lot more in the tank!


After playing sport all my life and with a keen interest in free , efficient, better movement the chi running workshop seemed like it would be a great help to improve my running style from the outset.

I was out of competitive sport with a knee injury and nearing the latter stages of my rehab. This was perfect timing and fit in perfectly with my rehab plan and return o competitive sport.

I'd ran before but with little consideration of technique and training. Previously I wanted to challenge my self as much as possible in terms of sport and activity but this was not sustainable. A tough lesson on prioritizing better, free efficient movement was learnt.

The workshops break down your running style. You are assisted to unlearn your unhelpful inefficient movement patterns and then assisted to relearn new, better , more efficient movement patterns. The running sessions inbetween the two workshops are invaluable to optimize the impact the workshops have on your running style by receiving feedback from Stuart and running along side him where you learn almost subconsciously by copying his running style.

Stuart is a great teacher and coach and his sheer enthusiasm and passion for what he does is contagious.

I have recommended this course workshop to a number of people and they have fed back with very positive comments.


Having completed a half marathon in Glasgow .........."Honestly, couldn't have done it without the techniques you taught me at ‪#‎chirunning‬. Pain free running makes it enjoyable and so much easier. Will be working up to my first marathon next. Thanks again Stuart McCrae Hardie!"


The best cad I've run and was a comfortable pace.


Been practicing the techniques you coached in the fairly short session last October in Kenmore. While I doubt it looks very close to what you had intended, something is working - I took part in a mountain marathon a week ago, from Keswick up to the top of Scafell Pyke and back, and am pleased to say have suffered no injury or even any aches/pains apart from a bit of a bruising on one foot from stepping all so many rocks on the way down. It took nearly twice as long as a normal marathon, what with the long uphill parts, but I felt none of the soreness or fatigue that I used to feel in a regular event.

So carry on preaching!

Mike Schneider

I'm getting great feedback from my patients who are training with you.

Guthrie Steer - Chiropractic and Massage Clinic, Guernsey.

Thank you so much for your Saturday morning workshop and especially your wealth of knowledge passed over with such passion and freely wanting to spread the word.


Thanks again for a very educational day on saturday. Learned a lot about ChiRunning.

Joke Hovland

Today, Wednesday, I started my first ChiRunning drill since Sunday, focusing on my dantien and lean.
It works for me, I'm happy what you and Danny taught me so far, the rest, training I have to do.
Thanks again for this memorizing day with the best team of all, lead by our famous Scottish Captain.


I was one of your students saturday at Danny's workshop. I enjoyed it very much. It would be lovely if you send me the video you made!


A quick note to say thank you for you're help and inspiration at the level 2 workshop last sunday!
It really helped me a lot to get my ass back on the road!


Hi Stu, just a few words to say thankyou. I am sure I'm not your best advert for Chi running but I have to say that my days of limping after a run and searching for the most heavily padded trainers are over. My bad right heel is now behaving itself even wearing the minimalist trainers you advocate. I learnt something 'cos my technique must have changed for the better. Thanks again, you rule. Robbo.


After the London Marathon


Thanks for the tips and the tabs which I used before and after. No problem with cramp which was amazing given how damned hot it was on the day. 

I kept thinking "posture" the whole way round and managed to get round without my usual slumping forward as I tired. 

Many thanks and all the best,




I may not have trained with you specifically Stuart, but it is your voice I hear in my head as I run and I am constantly readjusting myself in accordance with the chi running principles you have taught me in other sessions! You have played a huge part in my training - so I thank you (as do my knees!) x




Hey. A 40 minute Chi Run completed - Boom!!! Your techniques prove to be just the job when I start to flag Stuart or mind starts to wander. Thank you - mind is lots clearer too as was all jumbled to begin with and now not jumble free but considerably clearer…Hoorah I say  ‪#‎chirunning ‪#‎primalrunclub



I really enjoyed the event - now to put it into practice.


Thanks for today - great session and very informative.


Thanks for today Stuart. I am now walking about with parallel feet and hopefully a straight back!


I found this morning very helpful in putting 'theory into practice'.


I've downloaded the app already, ordered the book and a running metronome.

Ran yesterday and it felt really good - really focuses you and you have to keep adjusting as you run along ......... I found Saturday a real eye opener and very interesting. Your points about my posture and stride length are spot on. Tried to address both these yesterday and felt I ran easier and better.

Thanks for Saturday and I'm going to recommend to others that they try 'chi' running.



Thanks for the email and the informative and motivating session on Saturday. Really enjoyed it and will be putting it into practice as much as possible.

Was also fantastic to see Rach improve posture and technique before my eyes.


Many thanks for your email.  It was great to meet you on Saturday and we certainly learnt a lot!  It was really encouraging and we'll definitely be trying to put it into practice.


Thank you very much for your emails. It was a pleasure to meet on Monday and we both got a lot out of our session with you. We have been telling our friends and family all about it! 

Anna & Max

I'd just like to reiterate how useful I found the session - I've found myself bearing in mind much of what you were talking about during everyday life over the past few days. I'm sure that the short session will have made a big impact and I hope to see that reflected as I run over the next few months.


Stuart, subsequent to our meeting I changed my running style on the day, and this together with Raj's good work meant that my calves lasted the distance.


I got 4.45 which I was hugely pleased with. I also really enjoyed the run. Your tips really helped me Stuart, so a big thank you for sharing those.


I found the stretches a nice warm down after my run yesterday evening and a help in relaxing into a good night's sleep so thanks for that and all your advice Stuart, it all counted.


Just have to say that I really enjoyed tonight's session. I appreciate that I have only done 4 out of 6 sessions but each time I attend I feel I have made progress - that is purely down to your teaching skills and technique. I hope that I can keep it up!


Thank you for the excellent introduction. Have been out for a couple of hours this morning - and as you say in your note it is neither a quick fix nor easy to incorporate all at once! Metronome makes a difference as I tend to speed up too much and run out of puff! However will persevere. Also not so easy to look ahead when on rough ground. Cliff path is lovely - rain or shine. Onwards


Many thanks for the walker's metronome. I found it to be a quite remarkable aid to overcoming the embarrassing irregularity of my stride, and in no time at all I was walking with a confidence and rhythm that I hadn't experienced since I was diagnosed as having "Parkinson's". I wouldn't hesitate to recommend its use to anyone with this same medical problem. Truly, I can't thank you enough for giving my morale such a boost.


Thought it went really well last night. The two others I spoke to afterwards enjoyed it too. Your introduction seemed pitched at just the right level and served as a good appetiser for the more detailed stuff to follow. Well done sir! The video footage was a great tool.


Had a really good run last night ... running at cadence of 176 ... it felt very meditative in the dusk and rain. Really looking forward to some time with the guru tomorrow!


Since talking with you I have become obsessed with watching people run ... the other day I spotted a chap and thought "wow! He has it ... the lean, cadence etc ..." and it was you!


I had to email tonight as I have just run my best mileage time in I dont know how long! For me it was really good as up until you taught me I was still running 11 or 12min miles. TONIGHT - 9min 40secs - 4.1miles in 39 mins - woohoo ...

Focussing on arms for the beat helped 100%

Thank you Stuart.


Hi Stuart ... Thanks for the notes and for the session today, I can't wait to get out for half an hour tomorrow. I will have a study of the notes while I prep for the run in the morning. I have just been practicing my animal pouncing technique with my daughter, probably not entirely as it meant to be practiced but great fun nonetheless.

I am very excited about getting out there and running properly, I really appreciate your constructive approach and kind mentoring ... Have a great weekend.